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Columbia Driving School

Staff //





Coordinates the entire operation of the school. Makes the complicated process of getting CDL simple, easy, fast and Efficient.

To break away from everyday stress, she practices yoga.

Loves travel around the word-collects regional cups thanks to which she doesn’t forget where she was and what she saw.

Anna is our class administrator. She is also a licensed class instructor for over ten years now. She is able to help you out in English and also in Polish.





Without her the school would cease to exist.


Always smiling and willing to help. Thanks to her everything is done with the prescribed period. Reliably and diligently supervises all formalities at school.


In her spare time she really likes going for long walks. She also find great joy in shopping 



Training Facilities


52 years old and 17 years in the trucking business. He have started working as a CDL instructor since 1996.


Since then gained experience working for driving schools, over the road, and as a local driver.


Roman's experience let him teach people and to guide them to successfully obtain a professional driver’s license.



Training Facilities

CDL instructor for many years. In the trucking industry for 10 years.


He worked for top trucking companies and have experience in Dispatch and office manager. 1560 students that he had the honor to teach and counting!

Con 10 anos de experiencia manejando y 3 de instructor. Yo Puedo Ayudarlo a obtener su licencia CDL. "ñol"



Training Facilities and Classes


CDL driving instructor with years of experience providing instruction to students.

Patient and compassionate. Able to clearly give easy-to-understand tips to pass CDL Exams.


He loves spending time with his daughter.

Likes the great outdoors and being out on the water, boating, jet skiing and snowmobiling.

He is a dirt bike and Harley Davidson owner. Loves traveling to new places and finding new restaurants. Daytona, Orlando and Clearwater are some of his favorite places to be in.



Training Facilities


Ivan Macias. A licensed instructor at Columbia Driving School. Shortly after the military he discovered a new passion in driving. Always ensure everyone of his students obtains the proper tools to pass the CDL exam.


He will assist you in both English and Spanish (Yo Hablo español).



Training Facilities and Classes



Training Facilities


Testimonials //
  • 10 stars for the school, Hose is master of parking skills, Jason is 👿 and he is good for in cab inspection, Mr Zen is cool guy for road test. Office is cute, kindly and just everything its on one place. PS
    People......U NEED TO LEARN also, they can't everything alone.!

Boba Mst



  • Excellent staff. Got my cdl at first try thanks to them. I’ll highly recommend it.. Thank you 😇😁

Luis Ortiz



  • “I recently got my cdl thanks to Columbia school. Anna the office manager and Karolina were very friendly and super helpful in arranging my classes for me. I’m working full time and was able to attend morning, evening, and weekend classes. This was soooooo helpful. I’d like to thank my instructors as well: Jason Zen Jerold Jose and Roman They gave me the tools and confidence to overcome some anxiety of this big rig on the road. Thank you ALL.!!!

   Peter Plewa


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