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Quiz 3 - Air Brakes

1. The application pressure gauge shows how much air pressure you:

2. The spring brakes used on the chamber in a straight truck will bring you to a stop when air pressure drops below ______ psi.

3. Why drain water from compressed air tanks?

4. Your truck has a dual air system and one of the system loses its pressure. What will happen?

5. Parking or emergency brakes of trucks and buses can be legally held on by _____ pressure.

6. During normal driving, spring brakes are usually held back by:

7. The air compressor stops pumping air at what psi?

8. The most common type of foundation brake found on heavy vehicles is the:

9. If your vehicle has an alcohol evaporator, every day during cold weather you should:

10. The braking power of the spring brakes:

11. Total stopping distance for air brakes is longer than that for hydraulic brakes due to _______ distance.

12. Repeatedly partially releasing and pressing the brake pedal may result in:

13. The brake system that applies and releases the brakes when the driver uses the brake pedal is the ______ brake system.

14. An air brake system is fully charged at what psi?

15. The brake pedal in an air system:

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