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Ready For The CDL Test?

Find out with these quizes.

Quiz 1 - General Knowledge

1. You are driving on a straight, level highway at 50 mph. There are no vehicle in front of you. Suddenly a tire blew out on your vehicle. What should you do first?

2. Which of these statements about downshifting is true?

3. A key principle to remember about loading cargo is to keep the load:

4. How far should a driver look ahead of the vehicle while driving?

5. You should stop driving:

6. You are driving a heavy vehicle. You must exit a highway using an off-ramp that curves downhill. You should:

7. Which of these statements about brakes is true?

8. High beams should be:

9. Why a damage of exhaust system is a danger?

10. Merging to the road is safest if you:

11. Why it is important to shift gears correctly?

12. What three distances build up the total stopping distance of your truck or bus?

13. Which of these is the proper signal to change lane?

14. Most serious skid results from:

15. Which of these statements about hazard of vehicle fire is true?

Correct of 15

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